In-house mediation training

Train your team in mediation

Do you want to train a group of people to be able to resolve conflict either within, or for, your organisation? If so, our in-house courses are the perfect solution. With an in-house course, you can:

  • get the training exactly where you want, when you want
  • use the training to start building your team of dispute resolvers
  • have the training centred on your specific subject area
  • use our support package to get started straight after the training

We can come and train your group in workplace mediation, bullying and harassment awareness, neighbourhood mediation, complaints mediation, commercial mediation, and plenty more besides, with anything from a ½-day course to an accredited qualification as a mediator.

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    Tailored course

    Your group will develop their new skills with real case scenarios: exactly the kinds of disputes they are learning to resolve. Our selected trainer will be a practising mediator who knows your work area, and we will give you unlimited post-course support to put your learning into practice.

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    We come to you

    We will run your training on a date and at a venue of your choosing. You don’t have to pay your delegates’ transport and accommodation costs, and they get to come to work as normal. Plus, we do not charge you any travel or accommodation for our trainer.

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    Reduced cost

    As we are working in your venue, and with your group, we are able to offer a price that is far less than if you sent an equivalent number of people onto a public course. For a full group of twelve learners, you actually pay about half the price of sending them all on a public course.

Some of the organisations we’ve provided in-house courses for

The types of courses available

Accredited Courses

Our accredited mediation training courses lead to Accredited Mediator status and sit on Ofqual’s Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). We lead the way in mediator training, offering accredited courses in both interpersonal mediation and commercial mediation.

Complaints Courses

Mediation is now widely used as an essential tool for handling complaints better. We specialise in this increasingly popular type of mediation training, and have some innovative courses to offer. Find out more about our complaints courses.

Short Skills Courses

Running from half a day to two days, these are perfect if you want to train your staff in mediation but do not need them to become qualified mediators. Learn how to apply the skills in your own particular setting. Full list of our short mediation courses.

Tailored Courses

We work with all sorts of people with all sorts of training needs. We only list here our most popular training options. If you don’t see what you’re looking for then please Contact Us about a tailor made package for your group. Get in touch to find out how we can tailor our courses to your needs.

Download our brochure

Our in-house workplace mediation training brochure includes information on all of our courses, including practical mediation skills, conflict resolution skills, as well as our accredited mediator qualification, the Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate.

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Our sector expertise

Private sector

Is unresolved conflict holding you up? Workplace fall-outs, miscommunication, personality clashes, and perceptions of unfair treatment are all known to be major causes of absence, under-performance, and work-related stress.

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Police services

Thanks to our expertise, many of the UK’s police services now use workplace mediation to nip conflict in the bud, to minimise grievances, and to regularly repair and strengthen people’s working relationships.

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Local authorities

We have worked with local authorities extensively over the last 16 years. We understand the unique difficulties faced by Authorities and staff alike, and how best to help resolve conflicts in this particular setting.

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Housing providers

Addressing neighbourhood conflict, family feuds, and low-level ASB cases can be some of the biggest drains on your workers’ time. Using mediation for these kinds of disputes has become much more common over recent years.

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Health authorities

Over the last 18 years we have worked closely with many of the UK’s Health Authorities and NHS Trusts. We understand the challenges faced, and know how best to put some of our ideas about mediation and conflict resolution into action.

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Universities and colleges

Our work with many of the UK’s universities has given us a keen insight into how conflict develops in the academic setting, and how it can best be resolved. We have assembled a suite of courses to train you in dispute resolution.

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“A superb course, which exceeded my expectations. The pace of learning was perfect and I feel like the learning outcomes are now embedded in my practice.”Reneé McCulloch, Consultant
Great Ormond Street Hospital
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Don’t just take our word for it! Read some of the testimonials that we have received from our many clients from a wide range of business sectors.

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Scheduled public courses

With a number of courses scheduled at venues across the country, our public courses are perfect for individuals looking to train as a mediator.

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