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Unresolved or poorly managed conflict can be a massive drain on individual and organisational resources. Learn how to deal with conflict more effectively through one of our training courses and you can save people a lot of time, money, stress and distraction.

We offer a range of market-leading mediation training courses: from half a day to six days, covering workplace mediation, neighbourhood & family conflict, bullying and harassment, and commercial disputes.

You can come to us to train at top quality venues all around the UK (and beyond!), or we can bring our training to you. Our most popular public course is the Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate, but we also offer a range of fully tailored in-house training options for your organisation, including our shorter courses.

All sorts of people train with us, and many learners describe the experience as one of the most valuable training they have ever been on. We look forward to being a part of your journey to become a mediator!

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Become an accredited mediator

With courses at venues across the country throughout the year, our Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate is the best way to become an accredited mediator, qualifying you to mediate workplace, neighbourhood or family disputes.

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Developing your skills further

If you’ve already trained as a mediator (either with us or another provider), we offer a number of ‘next steps’ to further enhance and grow your mediation skills, including refreshers, conversion courses and professional practice qualifications.

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Bespoke, in-house training

Tailored to your organisation’s needs and delivered at a time and place of your choice, our in-house training options put you in control and are ideal for training a number of individuals from the same company.

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Why train with UK Mediation?

We’re really pleased when people ask us this question, because we know that we’re different. We’ve been around for a while, and have seen many, many people and organisations come into the field as mediators and trainers. We like to stay ahead of the crowd, though, and can proudly give you four big reasons why we are, and remain, the training provider of choice:

What makes us different?

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    Based on the many years’ work of our founder and CEO, Dr. Mike Talbot, we have an in-depth knowledge of what happens at a psychological level within interpersonal relationships. This underpins our unique mediation model and all of our training courses.

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    We like being kept on our toes, and enjoy opening up all of our courses, services, and systems to external scrutiny and quality assurance. We are proud holders of both the ISO 9001 quality badge, and the Investors in People award.

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    We are specialists. Conflict resolution is all we do, and we do it rather well. We’re not lawyers, management consultants, arbitrators, or anything else.

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    We understand people. We understand conflict. We know that experience counts, and we’ve got lots of it.

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    Trained by real mediators

    All of our trainers are real, practising mediators with years of experience in the field. You need some theory, so that you can understand what goes on when we get into conflict, but we emphasise the practical, real-life skills that will equip you to go out and start mediating straight away.

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    Great venues

    We don’t cut corners when it comes to helping you to get the most from your training. We ensure that our courses are held in only the best venues, with fantastic catering and great transport links, plus plenty of hotels close by for you to choose from. The setting matters, so we only use the best. Explore our great venues.

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    Qualifications sit on the Register of Regulated Qualifications

    We went straight to the top! Our training is the only mediation course to sit on Ofqual’s Register of Regulated Qualifications, the official regulator of examinations. You get a proper qualification. You can be perfectly clear about what you are getting, and can know what precise level you are trained to.

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    Internationally recognised

    Our qualifications sit on the official Regulator’s (Ofqual) Register of Regulated Qualifications, and are thereby recognised worldwide. We have trained people all over the globe, and will bring our training to you, wherever you are.

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    Certified adult educators

    Just knowing your subject doesn’t necessarily mean you are able to train others in it! So all of our trainers are qualified adult educators. You only train in mediation once, and we want you to have the best learning experience you could have.

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    Post course support

    We don’t wash our hands of you after your initial training. We are here with a dedicated support line to give you unlimited post-course support as you begin to put your new skills into practice. We can also provide higher level qualifications later on.

Bespoke, in-house training

Tailored to your organisation’s needs and delivered at a time and place of your choice, our in-house training options are ideal for training a number of individuals from the same company.

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Scheduled public courses

With a number of mediation training courses scheduled at excellent venues across the country throughout the year, our public courses are perfect for individuals looking to become a mediator.

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