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Interpersonal disputes, fall-outs within teams and everyday personality clashes are costly and distracting for organisations.

Appropriate training, mediation and carefully designed policies and procedures can often provide a solution when used in the correct combination. Some individuals, however, may be resistant to training, may find it too challenging to address a dispute directly in mediation, and yet may repeatedly find themselves at the centre of disputes. For these individuals, Conflict Coaching can be a highly effective form of intervention Conflict

Coaching can support an individual to:

  • Improve their understanding of conflict and of their own reactions to difficult situations
  • Rehearse and develop aspects of their interactions with other people
  • Build a set of skills and strategies to use in situations of conflict
  • Prepare themselves for conflicts that may arise in the future

Over a series of sessions, face-to-face or by Skype, the Conflict Coach will help the person to develop an action plan to change their responses to conflict and disputing behaviours and will set achievable goals that the person can work towards in between sessions.

Conflict Coaching can bring about striking improvements in people’s general performance and conduct, and it has been shown to be a highly cost-effective and sustainable means of managing interpersonal conflict.

“Excellent, worth every minute.”Angela Paradise, Head of Corporate Services
Southend NHS University Trust
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Mediation is about choosing to resolve a dispute without the need for courts or tribunals, judges or arbitrators. We can provide mediation services for you or your organisation.

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Unresolved or poorly managed conflict can be a massive drain on your resources. Learn how to deal with conflict more effectively, with either a public or in-house training course.

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