Commercial mediation

Our experts will help you to resolve financial and contractual disputes without going to court.

Commercial disputes are mostly about money, property, goods, services, intellectual property, or boundaries: usually financial and contractual matters that could otherwise end up in court.

Maybe you have delivered a service and not been paid, or perhaps you have paid for something that didn’t turn out to be what you expected. Whatever the situation, commercial mediation is likely to be a better option than litigation.

Mediation is a quick, cost effective, and private method of resolving your dispute: saving you from the stresses and costs of court, focussing on what everyone actually wants, and resolving your dispute amicably and consensually.

Mediation is a quick and straightforward process, where you and the other side are brought together with a commitment to try and work out a solution. A professionally trained mediator then organises a series of joint and separate negotiation sessions, in which the two of you discuss and agree how to bring your dispute to an end. Mediation concludes with a written agreement, which can if you wish be made binding.

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Kenneth Navas Barrister & Solicitors
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