Mediation for business disputes

Resolve business disputes quickly and easily while maintaining working relationships and restoring collaboration.

Disputes within businesses are inevitable. Scarce resources, competing priorities, a difficult trading climate, and people with disparate ideas can all combine to produce interpersonal conflict. Usually disputes can be talked through and resolved with a chat. Sometimes, however, the conversation becomes heated, you and the other person can end up digging your heels in, and ultimately you can both find yourselves in a stand-off.

This is where we come in. We specialise in resolving business disputes in a quick, inexpensive, and positive way: ensuring that working relationships can be maintained, and that people can start collaborating again.

It’s delicate and skillful work, and we leave it to our founder and CEO, Dr. Mike Talbot, who has a wealth of business experience and an impressive record as a business mediator. You can speak to Mike personally about your business dispute, and he can help you to decide whether mediation might work.

Call Mike at our Derbyshire HQ on 01773 829982 for an in-confidence chat.

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“Important, valuable and very positive.”Ken Navas, Principal
Kenneth Navas Barrister & Solicitors
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