Do I need mediation?

There is a dispute, but do you actually need mediation?

Mediation is a way of resolving disputes that is quicker, less formal and less expensive than the alternatives. A skilled and trained mediator will work to help people who are in dispute to come up with their own preferred solution.

Disputes about how well people are getting on together can be successfully resolved with interpersonal mediation. This type of mediation also works well with complaints. Disputes over money, goods, property and services are addressed very effectively with commercial mediation.

If a team or group of people needs help to work together better, but they don’t really have a dispute as such, they probably need team facilitation. This is for when a team or group has gone off track, has lost its purpose or needs to address a difficult challenge in a more effective way.

And sometimes there might be an individual who seems to be at the centre of a lot of disputes. Often through no fault of their own, they need some private and professional support from an independent professional. This comes in the form of conflict coaching.

If a conflict situation has deepened and worsened, though, and you need to know the precise who-what-where-when of a situation, you would be well advised to consider an independent investigation. An independent investigator can get to the heart of a matter, and will produce a report that you can use at the employment tribunal, for example.

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And, in every case, you need to know that you have chosen the right kind of intervention, involving the right people, and with a really clear reassurance from the professionals about what to expect. This is when we would be pleased to hear from you: to talk through your situation, and to help you decide. Your enquiry is private and completely without obligation.

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Mediation for you

Do you need to arrange a mediation between yourself and a third party? This can include things like problems at work, conflicts with your neighbours, tenancy issues or family disagreements.

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Mediation for your organisation

Are there conflicts within your organisation that require mediation to resolve? These can include problematic working relationships, conflicts within team dynamics, handling complaints, commercial disputes or tenancy problems.

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