Five Surprising Factors of Workplace Mediation!

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About twenty years ago, I started practising workplace mediation. As a psychotherapist and organisational consultant, I had originally been offering stress management, soft skills training, and other services, but now some of them wanted to find a better way to resolve grievance-type issues and to head off formal processes. So off I went! My first dozen or so cases mostly …

What We Do (and Don’t Do!)

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The first in a series of articles commemorating the 20th anniversary of UK Mediation… Mediation can often be a confusing area to navigate for those looking to seek out its services. With so many providers populating the industry, all claiming to offer different things or be the best ones around, it can be quite the headache if you’re not entirely sure …

Training in Complaints Mediation

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Do you wish you could broaden the toolkit you have for dealing with complaints? Would you like to find a way to speed up your complaints process, and to get a better outcome for both you and the complainant? If ‘yes’, then you may find that mediation could be exactly what you are looking for. Mediation is straightforward. It is …

Complaints Mediation: An Alternative to the Courts?

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So first of all, what’s a ‘complaint’? Well, in most people’s terms, we mean some kind of an expression of dissatisfaction: that the goods or services that someone got didn’t meet their expectations. Either that, or the consumer feels unhappy about how they were dealt with by the provider when things started to go wrong. Most complaints, whether they arise in …

UK Mediation’s Dr Mike Talbot interviewed on ‘Overthinking Conflict’ podcast

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Our CEO & Founder, Dr Mike Talbot, was interviewed recently for this week’s episode of the ‘Overthinking Conflict’ podcast. Presented by Amanda Semenoff and C.D. Saint, the podcast explores the ‘fascinating corners of peacemaking’ and covers topics such as mediation, conflict resolution, and the psychology of conflict, all areas close to Mike’s heart, so he was delighted to be their …

Mediation in healthcare settings

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Some of the most stressful times of our lives are spent dealing with our own and our loved ones’ medical emergencies or episodes of ill-health. Whether receiving bad news, spending prolonged periods in hospital, or having to make critical choices about care, our fear and upset can make it extremely difficult to contribute positively to crucial healthcare decisions. What we …

Developing your mediation skills further

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We often get asked by qualified mediators about the options for developing their skills further, beyond the initial training. In this short video, UK Mediation’s CEO and founder, Mike Talbot, explains the four options we have for mediators looking for their next steps. Mediation Refresher Days This one-day course allows you to refresh your mediation skills, reflect on real-life cases, and …

Workplace bullying: what’s really going on?

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UK Mediation CEO & Founder, Dr. Mike Talbot, lifts the lid on some of the more difficult aspects of workplace bullying and talks about our upcoming webinar on the subject. Next steps: Register for the webinar – On Friday 7th July, we’re presenting a free webinar on the subject of ‘Understanding Workplace Bullying’. Register for your place here.  Read Mike’s blog – …

Mediation in Housing – Video

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Conflict can happen in any household, within any family, and in any socio-economic setting. But how come we don’t just sort out our disputes for ourselves, and why is it that conflict within neighbourhoods and homes creates such a big issue for us? UK Mediation’s CEO and Founder, Dr Mike Talbot, talks about his experience in using mediation to resolve …

Becoming An Accredited Mediator

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UK Mediation CEO, Dr Mike Talbot, explains our approach to accreditation, what it means to be an accredited mediator and how you can become one yourself.