UK Mediation Hosts Birmingham Showcases

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Last Friday, we rounded out our 2018 calendar of events with two more mediation showcases in Birmingham.

Held at our West Midlands training venue, the event was designed to give attendees the opportunity to see what mediation looked like up close and personal, as well as the benefits that it can have for all manner of disputes.

Led by our CEO, Dr Mike Talbot, the event featured a simulated workplace mediation case from start to finish, as well as an accompanying presentation on our 7-stage Mediation Model. There was also an informal Q&A session at the end, allowing attendees to get all of their mediation queries and questions answered by the experts.

It was also great to have the opportunity to speak to a wide range of potential clients, with many different sectors represented. There were delegates from private sector organisations, local authorities, the emergency services, and charities, including a few whose work involved homelessness.

Dr Talbot was very pleased with the feedback from the event:

“We’re always really pleased to see how much attendees enjoy seeing a mediation case from start to finish. And, despite there being a wide variety of different professions present, all of them could see the value of mediation to resolve conflict in their roles, showing just how applicable it can be. We look forward to remaining in contact and working with several of them in the near future.”

If you missed us this time around, we will be scheduling similar events for 2019 in the New Year.

We hope to see you then!

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