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What is an internal mediation scheme?

An internal mediation scheme allows staff to access mediation swiftly and effectively by using in-house mediators who have been trained through our accredited programme.


For many organisations it makes more financial sense to train people in-house than access external mediation services.  We recommend that a range of staff are trained as mediators, across an organisation.  Good practice would recommend that there is a mediation gatekeeper, who filters the mediation referrals and ensures that cases are allocated in a balanced way, allowing each mediator to gain experience.


Organisations who choose this approach to tackling conflict often find a reduction in disciplinaries and grievances.  Over time this approach can encourage a more constructive way of tackling disputes throughout a company, and sustains long term working relationships, reducing the strain on HR and management time.


In order to establish an in-house mediation scheme, we would recommend a group of up to twelve people to complete the Interpersonal Mediation Practitioners Certificate.  We can deliver this in-house and provide a comprehensive support package that guides you through the necessary steps to ensuring that the scheme is a success.

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This course was challenging, but extremely informative. Learner, Hampshire Police

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